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Life is challenging and being able to navigate the ups and downs is critical. Becoming more balanced allows you to have that stable platform where by you can feel better, make better decisions and act in a more wholesome manner. With balance your overall level of wellness increases, your confidence improves, your relationships get better and you can then achieve what you want. This course will introduce you to the 4 Steps to Balance™ approach; Mindfulness, Compassion, Insight and Optimistic Re-Framing.
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What you get...

  • 1 Hour of professionally produced content based on the latest research.

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“WOW! Building Balance and Reducing Stress through Mindfulness delivers! This course provides, not only the skills to assist with recovery when circumstances put you off balance, but gives you the insight and tools to manage daily challenges with awareness. FABULOUS!”

C.R. (Senior Director, Medical Clinic Development)

“I enrolled in one of the Mindfulness Leadership courses and it had such a positive impact on my approach to work. I use the tools he taught regularly and my meetings have more authentic participation and we get more done! Personally, I feel more grounded as I listen more and talk less so I get the best solutions from my team. I highly recommend any professional take a mindfulness course with Optimistic Brain.”

Lorie F (Manager of Strategic Planning and Initiatives)

Are you stressed and find yourself under constant pressure?

You are not alone - 70% of professionals say their stress levels are increasing.

Do you want less stress in your life and become more balanced?

We can help you by teaching you some terrific skills.

What's in it for you?

  • Increase Well-being

    One of the benefits of becoming more balanced is that it increases your overall level of well-being. Learn how to really thrive.

  • Reduce Stress

    In this program you will learn how to notice what causes you stress and learn various exercises that enable you to reduce your stress levels.

  • 4 Step Approach

    Learn the 4 Step approach to building resiliency and balance; Mindfulness, Compassion, Insight and Optimistic Re-Framing.

  • Become Aware

    Most of us are habitual in our decisions and actions. Mindfulness shifts us from autopilot to aware. This opens up possibilities.

  • Develop Compassion

    Becoming more compassionate with yourself and others is a learned skill. It is the key to change, motivation and achievement.

  • Gain Insight

    Learn to uncover your limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. You CAN change and it starts with understanding where you are today.

  • Change Limiting Beliefs

    Changing your beliefs changes how you feel. You then make better decisions which allows for improved self-management.

  • Learn Key Exercises

    From Meditation to Journaling to Re-Framing Your Beliefs, learn about the various 4 Step exercises and experience them in class.

Course Curriculum

Learn at your own pace.

  • 1

    What are the 4 Steps to Balance™? (55 Minutes)

    • Welcome!

    • A message from Optimistic Brain. (5 Minutes)

    • Navigating this course...

    • Let's Begin: What is Mindfulness? (10 Minutes)

    • Present Moment Awareness Meditation: Using Your Breath (10 Minutes)

    • What are the 4 Steps to Balance™? (20 Minutes)

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Your Instructor

John Windisman


John is the founder of Optimistic Brain Inc. He is a seasoned presenter and teacher. His casual style appeals to many but don't let that fool you, he really knows his stuff. John's approach is always practical and he will show you how you can apply what you learned in the real world.