4 Steps to Balance™

Mindfulness Based Professional Development Courses

All of our courses are based on our signature 4 Steps to Balance™ approach to life. We teach you the skills of Mindfulness, Compassion, Insight and Optimistic Re-Framing. These competencies can then be applied to a variety of areas: Reducing Your Stress, Leading and Achieving, Communicating Better, Igniting Your Creativity, Improving Your Relationships etc...

My commitment to you...

Provide the BEST courses possible!

My name is John Windisman and I am the founder of Optimistic Brain Inc. I founded this company to teach people a different approach to achieving what they want in life. My commitment to you is to provide you with the best Mindfulness based professional development courses. If for any reason you are unhappy with any of my courses then please contact me directly.
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All our courses are based on the latest scientific findings.

Psychology - Neuroscience - Mindfulness

What we hope you will get out of our courses...

  • Awaken Joy

    By changing how you approach the various experiences of life allows JOY to awaken from within. Learn how in one of our many courses.

  • Become More Balanced and Resilient

    Our courses help teach you the skills to obtain more balance and resiliency in your life.

  • Achieve Your Goals

    Being AWARE of your negative chatter allows you to CHANGE your beliefs to something more balanced and productive. This shifts your mindset and enables you to achieve your goals. Learn how in one of our many courses.

  • Improve Your Communication Skills

    Listening and being aware of how and what you are communicating enhances the quality of your interactions with others. Learn how in one of our many courses.

  • Become a Better Leader

    Being aware and compassionate when interacting with others ignites your leadership skills. Learn how in one of our many courses.

  • Reduce Stress

    Our hectic lives are full of challenges and it's how we perceive these challenges that causes our stress. Learn how in one of our many courses.

Enhance your skills in a variety of areas.

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